a sample of our fabulous drinks, awesome food and tasty snacks

This is a sample of what we create on a daily basis. We source from local farmers and in the markets on the outskirts of Siem Reap. You will have to turn up and find out what surprises we have to offer on the day.

Our team visit the Siem Reap food markets throughout the day to ensure that we have the freshest food available in Temple town.

Our menu is limited by our choice. However, what we lack in numbers we make up for in speed of service and quality of products. This allows our inventive team to create and experiment with great Cambodian and international meals and snacks. And not simply churning out the same food, day after day after day.

GLUTEN FREE. Where possible we have gluten and GM free food. Not as an option but as a poilcy on all our foods. Our staff are aware of foods that are gluten free. In addition we have a card you can take with you that informs other venues in Khmer of your gluten free choice.

The GaaFay menu is focused on local cuisine and local growers. However, we have some Scottish classics that must be experienced. From our Scotch pies to our amazing Scotch broth.They DO NOT include scotch.

from our menu

— freshly ground filter coffee

600 ml of local robusta coffee


— imported filter coffee

600 ml of imported Arabica coffee


— french press/cafetiere

600 ml with 3 or 5 measures


— iced coffee

600 ml of robusta over ice. a cold kick


— flavoured coffee

Add any spice or flavour to your favourite coffee


— Moka

see our daily specials board


— Aero

see our daily specials board


— Irish coffee

time honored coffee and alcohol


— Decaf

all we have is instant


— Cold brew

made overnight in limited batches


— Teas

delicate to bold. Fruit or herb


— delicious pastries

made fresh every day with local produce


— our daily main

whatever our cooks find fresh from the market and create awesome meals

$5.95set meal

— savoury scotch pies

filled with local and traditional scottish recipes


— Scottish breakfast

Square sausage, potato scone, beans, toast, bacon, square sausage, black pudding. coffee/tea or whiskey


— Scotch broth

This does not contain scotch. It is an old recipe for the best soup from Scotland


— sweet scotch pies

filled with local fresh produce


— meat free scotch pies

it could be anything than meat


— biscuits & Biscotti

a selction of coffee biscuits


— Millionaire Breakfast

Chilled smoked salmon, creamy scrambled eggs, crusty bread, salad garnish and bucks fizz


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